Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Marrakech are a popular way to explore the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and history of Morocco’s Sahara Desert. These tours typically range from 2-10 days and offer a variety of activities and destinations.



These Morocco Sahara desert tours from Marrakech are one of the experiences that we should all live at least once in a lifetime. Stepping on the highest dunes in Morocco, sleeping in a traditional haima and seeing the sunrise in the middle of the desert are moments that are not easily forgotten.

In addition, the Morocco Sahara desert tours from Marrakech are interesting, not only for seeing the desert, but for the number of sites that you will discover throughout the tour. Ouarzazate, the Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, the Todra Gorges and the Jorf Palm Grove, where they say the best dates in the country are found, are some of the most common stops.

As there are countless tours to the desert from Marrakech, I wanted to collect the ones that seem most interesting for 1, 2 and 3 days. In addition, I have included several options for 4 or 5 days through the Merzouga desert and the Dakar Route in case you have more time. The hard part is choosing which one you stay with!


We are aware that every Moroccan visitor is unique. Each year, we make plans and organize Morocco Sahara desert tours from Marrakech
For a lot of people according to our customers desire so as to fulfill their needs. Whether a couple, a group of friends or a family, we listen to what you want to see and do in Morocco and create a customized itinerary for you.
To get the most out of your time on the Saharan, Atlas Mountains and Atlantic coast, private Moroccan tours are the perfect choice if you want a bespoke vacation in Morocco hosted by a Moroccan travel expert. For the past eight years, I have been planning premium and luxury trips in Morocco with the best guides and drivers.
We offer a variety of shared groups and private luxury Sahara Desert tours from Marrakech, including a Moroccan tour package from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert. All of our shared groups and luxurious private Moroccan tours from Marrakech offer the perfect itinerary for your Morocco tour, including an overnight in the Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains and authentic Amazighs culture. Choose a desert trip from Marrakech to Merzouga, Fez, Chefchaouen and Casablanca.

NOTE : all these tours can be modified, if you didn’t find what fits you, feel free to Contact Us.


Our Morocco Sahara Desert Trips from Marrakech depart from your hotel or riad in Marrakech. Book your Marrakech Desert tour with us to benefit from their experience organizing desert trips. Marrakech desert tours include accommodations, at least one night in a Nomadic Desert Camp, a camel ride, an official tour guide, professional drivers and clean vehicles with AC, and visit the top South Moroccan attractions. 

Book your Marrakech desert tour started from 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days up to 7 days, to explore Merzouga Sahara desert and Chigaga Dunes, travel from Marrakech to Fes, and possibility a tour from Fes to Marrakech via the desert. Check the best recommended tours from Fes

2 days desert tour from marrakech to Zagora

2-Day tour from Marrakech to Merzouga desert

This trip is the best option for those who do not have enough time but want to visit the Sahara desert…

Best 3 days desert tour From Marrakech

3-Day tour from Marrakech to Merzouga desert

This 3 days is the most popular tour, with an overnight in the Dades valley, and night in the luxury camp…

4 Days Desert Tour From Marrakech to Sahara

4-Day tour from Marrakech to Sahara desert

This trip is the best option for those who want to spend two best nights among the magical Sahara desert…

2 days tour from Marrakech to Zagoura

2-Day tour from Marrakech to Zagora desert

This trip is the best option for those who do not have enough time but want to visit the  desert of Zagora…

3 days tour from Marrakech to Mezouga to Fes

3-Day desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

top-rated tour to end your trip in Fes from Marrakech with overnight at the luxury camp in the Sahara desert…

desert luxury camp in Morocco

4-Day Desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

Amazing 4 day tour from Marrakech with spending 2 nights in the luxury camp, and ending the tour in Fes…

5 days desert tour from marrakech

5-Day desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

This trip is the best option for those who what to do a desert trip in slow pace discovering the magic of the south of Morocco…

5-Day desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

Best 5 days desert tour from Marrakech with 2 nights in the Sahara desert, to explore the Majestic Desert…

things to do in Chefchaouen

6-Day Desert tour from Marrakech to Fes and Chefchaouen

This 6 days desert tour allow you to discover the most highlight of Morocco including Fes and Chefchaouen…

3 days tour from Marrakech to Mezouga desert

7-Day Morocco desert tour from Marrakech

Enjoy with us this 7 days tour in Morocco to discover the hidden gems of Morocco including two imperial cities…

Join Us For A Memorable Morocco Desert Trip From Marrakech

On these Morocco Sahara desert tours from Marrakech is the best way to explore Sahara, which covers more than 30% of Morocco. The easiest way to experience the Moroccan desert. Tour packages usually cost between € 55 and € 200, depending on the duration, and number of travelers. This includes camel riding, transportation, meals, hotels and camping accommodation. A Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech is a great opportunity to discover the Sahara Desert. We recommend contacting To Morocco Travel. We will guide you through travel routes and activities according to your desired type of tour, and will guide you according to your budget.

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    The temperature in the Morocco Sahara Desert of Merzouga can vary depending on the time of year. In general, the desert climate is characterized by hot days and cool nights, with significant temperature fluctuations between day and night.

    During the summer months of June, July, and August, the daytime temperatures in Merzouga can reach over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) with nighttime temperatures dropping to around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s important to note that temperatures in the Sahara Desert can be much hotter than in other parts of Morocco, so travelers should take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration.

    In the winter months of December, January, and February, daytime temperatures in Merzouga are milder, averaging around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and dropping to around 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. It’s important to note that the desert can still be very cold at night, so travelers should bring warm clothing.

    Overall, it’s important for travelers to be prepared for the heat during the summer months and the cold during the winter months when visiting the Sahara Desert in Merzouga.


    Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Marrakech


    1. It is an experience that you will remember all your life.

    There are countless interesting Morocco Sahara desert tours from Marrakech, but probably the most special of all is the one that takes you to the desert. In fact, it is one of the most popular activities from Marrakech and I am sure that your night in the traditional haima, the tours of the dunes and the sunrise in the middle of the desert will remain engraved in your mind.

    2. There are many desert tour options from Marrakech.

    After visiting the places to see in Marrakech, you will have to choose which excursion you want to do based on the free days you have left. The good news is that there are tours of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days. Then I’ll tell you the ones that seem most interesting to me (by days).

    3. You will visit many interesting places on the way to the desert.

    It is clear that the icing on the cake is the arrival in the desert. But on the tour you will get to know such famous places as the Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate or the Dades Valley.

    4. You will sleep in a traditional haima.

    The haimas are very typical camps in North Africa. The haima in which you will sleep has nothing to do with the traditional ones (very simple), since the superior categories have a bathroom and shower inside. It is practically like a hotel room, but inside a luxury tent. And speaking of sleeping, here I am telling you about the best riads in Marrakech (with a pool and/or spa) in case you want to take a look at them.

    5. You will enjoy a movie sunrise.

    There are two things that catch my attention about the Sahara desert. The first is to step on the dunes with bare feet and the second is to enjoy the sunrise in the middle of the desert. If you are one of my kind, you are going to have a wonderful time on this excursion to the desert from Marrakech.

    6. Visit the surroundings of Marrakech.

    I leave you here my travel guides for 2 days, 3 days, 4 days and 5 days in Marrakech. In the 4 and 5 days I include excursion options near Marrakech that are very worthwhile. When I was in Marrakech I did not find many options to spend 2 days in the desert, so in the end I visited Essaouira (here I will tell you what to see in Essaouira and how to go from Marrakech to Essaouira). Even so, the excursion to the desert is THE EXCURSION in capital letters.

    We are here for any suggestions, advice and Reservation.

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